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My Favourite Teacher – Essay and Speech

My Favourite Teacher Essay and Speech Hello everybody. I am Soham Sahu. I shall speak on my favourite teacher. My favourite teacher is my EVS teacher.  Her ...

Use of Dustbin | Dustbins – Merits and Demerits [Debate]

Hello Everybody, I am Soham Sahu, from Sankalp, Std 3. I am for the motion of the debate topic, the merits of Dustbins. I will tell 3 positive points of ...

Republic Day Speech for Kids

Republic day speech for kids, Short Speech on Republic Day 26 January 2020. Republic day speech in English for children. Essay republic day speech in English. ...

Valentine’s Week Special Gifts – How to surprise your Wife/ Girlfriend on 7 days of Valentine

For some, Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February. While for some, Valentine’s Day starts on the 7th of February and goes on for an entire week. If your ...

10 Lines on Meri Nani/Dadi Maa Essay in Hindi

मेरी प्यारी नानी... (10 लाइनें नानी/दादी माँ पर निबंध हिंदी) Meri nani maa essay in hindi 10 lines. 10 lines on Meri Nani/Dadi maa in hindi. नाना नानी के बारे ...

My Role in COVID-19 Battle

Doctors round the Clock, and Students under the Lock. Yes, this is the present situation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Good morning everyone, I am ...

10 Good Habits to Follow during Covid-19 Outbreak

Write 10 sentences on good habits during Covid-19 outbreak. 10 Good Habits to Follow during Covid-19 Outbreak 1. Wash your hands properly with ...

Perfume for Teenage Girl

When you are looking to buy the best perfume for teenage girl you want to get a fragrance that is safe for her. Teenagers are still developing and changing and ...

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