Child Protective Service Law

A critical aspect of the United States legal system is its Child Protective Service Law. Child Protective Service (CPS) is a federal law which was established to protect and safeguard children. The primary function of this law is to ensure that neglected or abused children receive adequate care, protection, and guidance from licensed child welfare agencies. When a child has been removed from the home of their parents for reason of abuse or neglect, they may be referred to a CSSS Department for investigation and possible legal action. While there are many legitimate reasons cps can take your child. Domestic violence, substance abuse, and other similar circumstances, the majority of CSSS removal cases result from the parents’ failure to provide the necessities of their children.

There are numerous ways that this situation occurs, and it all has to do with negligence by the individual or couple. This negligence can come in a variety of forms. It can come from a person’s guardian who doesn’t provide the necessities of a child, or it can be from a non-relative who is just overreacting and putting undue stress on the situation. One common example of this situation is when a couple is expecting a baby but lives in a cramped rental apartment where the mother suffers from chronic bronchitis and postpartum depression. When she falls ill, the caring partner takes his or her child into care, and while the CPS investigator is present, neglect occurs and the child is removed from the parents’ care.

Child Protective Service Law

Child Protective Service Law is an important part of civil society, because without this law, people would not know how to go about taking care of their children in safe and responsible ways. Anybody can file a complaint under Child Protective Service Law if they believe that their child has been neglected or abused, and that it is a clear case of neglect. But even in the event that the police are called or the local social services department comes after the parents, it is important to hire a lawyer who has experience with this type of law. Child Protective Service is different from other employment laws in that it has a lot of gray area and rarely covers all the aspects of what you would expect. An experienced lawyer will know exactly which laws apply to your situation and how to go about proving your case in court.

In some cases, the court will hear testimony from witnesses who have direct and ongoing contact with the child, including daycare staff and teachers. For this reason, child service investigators often take testimony under oath so that there is an incontrovertible trail of evidence that will stand up in court. An investigator will interview the parents and daycare providers, ask questions about the behavior of the child, and take note of all communications.

If you are suing for custody of your own children, it is important that you talk with an attorney who is familiar with child protective services laws and who can review your case and advise you on whether or not you have a strong case. The idea here is to make sure that you get the best possible chance at having your child or children taken care of. Not taking the time to research the law and the possible solutions beforehand can mean a wasted opportunity to get the best possible outcome for your situation.


Child protective service law is designed to keep kids safe. It is important that you have a lawyer who is trained in family law and understands the specifics of your situation and all the elements that are important to a successful suit. A lawyer who is well versed in this area can provide you with the best possible chances of winning your lawsuit. If you are seeking visitation rights with your child or seeking to change the custodial arrangement of your child, a family law attorney may be able to help you out.

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