My Favourite Teacher – Essay and Speech

My Favourite Teacher Essay and Speech

Hello everybody. I am Soham Sahu. I shall speak on my favourite teacher.

My favourite teacher is my EVS teacher.  Her name is Mrs. K. Sujatha.  She is my class teacher too and she takes our attendance daily.  She is very disciplined and punctual.

We enjoy her class.  She teaches us very well. No one feels boring in her class. She teaches us good things. She is the best teacher of our school. I like her very much.

She never shouts. She is very helpful. I like the way she teaches us. She is very caring and friendly to us. She is very polite and kind hearted. We never fear with her.

She teaches us using easy ways. She has a smiling face always. We respect her a lot. She makes us laugh by telling jokes. And motivates us to ask questions. She teaches us to share things. She would always be my favourite teacher.

Thank you teacher! I will always grateful to you.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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Soham Sahu