Valentine’s Week Special Gifts – How to surprise your Wife/ Girlfriend on 7 days of Valentine

For some, Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February. While for some, Valentine’s Day starts on the 7th of February and goes on for an entire week. If your wife or your girlfriend happens to be a hardcore romantic, then she’s probably the latter. For those reading the article, let me begin with introducing you to the concept of valentine’s Week. Romance is a journey comprising a lot of stages one must cross to truly be in a relationship. A typical relationship involves the process of knowing each other, going on dates, the spontaneous hug, the first kiss, a romantic proposal and so much more. Valentine’s Week has been conceptualised to represent the different phases every couple goes through. To make someone’s entire week special, you need to ensure that your gift or your gesture complements the day of the week.

The 7 days of Valentine are:

7th February – Rose Day

8th February – Propose Day

9th February – Chocolate Day

10th February – Teddy Day

11th February – Promise Day

12th February – Hug Day

13th February – Kiss Day

14th February – Valentine’s Day

For those clueless of the process of picking creative gifts, especially for an entire week, we are here with unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife. Here are a few creative ways of celebrating each day of the week without making it boring or predictable for your Valentine. Women love gifts where you’ve made an effort in preparing it. A boring gift picked off the shelf seems more like an obligation than a surprise.

Gift ideas to surprise her with on Rose Day – 7th Feb

The obvious choice of this Valentine’s Day gift for her is to buy a bouquet of roses and begin her morning with it. The not so obvious choice is to add a twist in the way in which you present the roses. You can buy a bunch of roses, instead of a decorated bouquet, and hide them throughout the house for her to find. You can add a small love letter with each rose to add a personalised touch to your gesture. You can even consider buying a rose flavoured perfume and gifting it to her on rose day. And if you’d rather add some humour to your gift, then gift her a sheet of red paper along with a pair of scissors and instructions on how to make a rose out of paper. My personal favourite, however, is to buy a bottle of Rose wine and leave it in her wardrobe with a note saying ‘Happy Rose day, darling. Let’s begin this Valentine’s week by getting drunk.’

Gift ideas to surprise her with on Propose Day – 8th Feb

This is the trickiest and the most exciting day of all. If you both are an unmarried couple and you want to use this opportunity to pop the question, then go all out with the arrangements. A proper proposal deserves all the paraphernalia you’ve seen in movies. If you’re married already and would rather cut corners than buy another diamond ring, here’s what you can do. Write a letter reminding her of all the nostalgic memories and end it with ‘I can spend the rest of my life asking you to be my Valentine and making more memories with you.’ You can also buy a vintage brass ring, customise it with your wedding photograph, and gift it to her in a wooden box. Online gift stores like Oye Happy happen to have a lot of other creative ideas to help you propose to her in unique ways.

Gift ideas to surprise her with on Chocolate Day – 9th Feb

This is the easiest of them all. Except, refrain from buying just a bar of snickers and expecting her to be delighted by it. The world is filled with fancy and exotic chocolates. Pick the one most difficult to spell, whisper a prayer and order for it. If the romantic in you isn’t convinced, then make her a mug of hot chocolate (it’s easier than you think). If you want to take an extra step, then order for some brownies, set up a corner with cushions, fairy lights and a projector, and create your very own candle light dinner at home. It will make her melt faster than a tub of chocolate ice cream in a microwave.

Gift ideas to surprise her with on Teddy Day – 10th Feb

Go online, find the fluffiest, cutest and the most squeeze-worthy teddy and order for it. No matter how old a woman may get, one can never grow out of love for cuddly toys. But then, a teddy bear is also the most predictable thing you can buy for her on Teddy day. So if you want to be different, get a t-shirt designed with the quote ‘Your teddy for life’ and wear it throughout the day. You can also get cushions with cute teddy bears designed on them.

Gift ideas to surprise her with on Promise Day – 11th Feb

Did you know that over 86% couples forget their 7 wedding vows within a year of marriage? Probably because the vows are often so boring and long. Whether you’re dating or happily married, there’s always space to make adorable promises to your better half. Here are a few examples of the kind of promises you can make on Promise Day.

  • I promise to be there for you every second, minute and hour of everyday. Unless, my favourite TV show is on in which case I’ll be there for you during ad breaks.
  •  I promise to be your personal genie and make your every wish my command. So if there’s anything you ever need master, just wish!
  •  I promise to stay quiet when you want to be alone, hold your hand when you need someone, tell you a joke when you are sad, and if nothing helps take you on another vacation to Sri Lanka.
  •  If you ever feel that your looks have faded with time, I promise to come close to you and whisper that you still look as beautiful as you did on the day I first saw you. 
  •  I promise that if I ever happen to break any of the promises, I shall quickly write 7 more promises to make up for the promises I broke. Promise!
  •  I promise to share everything in my life with you, including my dentures when we are old enough and have lost all our teeth, but not our love. 

 Gift ideas to surprise her with on Hug Day – 12th Feb

If you’re in a long distance relationship, there’s no gift better than flying to your Valentine and meeting her in person. If you’re together, then you can consider tying yourself with a ribbon and a bow, stand in front of her with your arms wide open, and present yourself as the gift on hug day. You can also consider taking her to a pet café and letting the puppies there give her lots of cuddles and hugs on your behalf.

Gift ideas to surprise her with on Kiss Day – 13th Feb

If you’ve been waiting for this day, then so has she. To add a touch of romance, you can consider buying or making a bunch of kiss coupons – each to be redeemed for a different kind of kiss. You can also create a bunch of flirty messages and keep sending them to her throughout the day with lots of kiss emojis. For instance:

  • Did you know that kissing burns 4.6 calories a minute. Want to work out?
  • Did you know there are 94 different kinds of kisses in the World. Want to try each one?

 I hope the above ideas help you break the shackles of boring ideas and spice up this Valentine’s week with your own unique initiatives. And of course, if you’re wondering why I haven’t shared gift ideas for the final V-Day yet?

Soham Sahu