Use of Dustbin | Dustbins – Merits and Demerits [Debate]

Hello Everybody, I am Soham Sahu, from Sankalp, Std 3. I am for the motion of the debate topic, the merits of Dustbins. I will tell 3 positive points of Dustbins.

No. 1. It keeps our home and environment clean.

By using dustbins, we can keep our trash organized. It will be easy, to keep our home, clean and healthy.

No. 2. It helps us to stay healthy.

Advantage of living in a clean area and free of trash, protect against making the mistake of littering.

No. 3. It makes us safer.

You may leave dangerous and sharp things around the house, leading to you stepping on them.

Should you take that into account? It seems sensible, to use Dustbins.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Soham Sahu