Superhero – Poem

With great power comes great responsibility,
A hero rises up to save humanity.

In the darkness, he fights with all his might,
A beacon of hope in the endless night.

His strength and courage are second to none,
He battles on, never to be undone.

With a cape billowing in the wind,
He soars above, his foes to rescind.

His enemies tremble at the sight,
Of this powerful being, so bright.

With a heart full of justice, he never falters,
His mission clear, to protect and alter.

The fate of the innocent, he holds dear,
A superhero, a legend, a hero without peer.

Through trials and tribulations, he stands tall,
A symbol of hope, for one and for all.

So let us all look to the sky,
For a hero, who will never die.

Soham Sahu